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single family house
Single family house.

Complete building plan.
single family house
single family house
single family house
single family house
Landscape analyses/planning
Landscape planning.

Analyses, situation, plan and visualisation samples.
Police - center
Masterplan of the center of city Police.

Analyses, idea, situation and some urbanistic/architectural views.
Police - masterplan
garden planning
Garden in Zaborów.

Baroque axis bifurcates into oval shapes in garden of Social Insurance Institution; unfortunately the very nice coloured part have been lost in the university.
solar cells factory
Industry project.

Solar cells factory.
solar cells factory
solar cells factory
solar cells factory
solar cells factory
Study of conditions and directions of space planning.

Grayscaled sample.
Contemporary art museum in Wroc³aw.

Analyses, idea, situation and some urbanistic/architectural views.
The Little Golden Hippopotamus.

Reconstruction of baroque tenement house.
Views and sections of front elevation, window and portal.
air conditioning element
Monography of historical defensive air-conditioning element.
19th-century gate
Documentation of 19th-century gate.
multimunctional area
Multifunctional area between bifurcation of the river.
perihelium - page 1/8

Final project: centre of culture/tourist information near main railway-station in Wroc³aw, Poland.

From now on mgr inæ. arch.
(master of architecture, engineer)
perihelium - page 2/8
perihelium - page 3/8
perihelium - page 4/8
perihelium - page 5/8
perihelium - page 6/8
perihelium - page 7/8
perihelium - page 8/8
wooden roof
Construction of wooden roof.
mask of wind
Mask of Wind.

Made for the performance Elements.

Image contains also samples of rdesigned true type font Surgeon.
descent to underground - perspective
Descent to underground.

1st-semester. One of my favourite projects.
descent to underground - perspective
descent to underground - perspective
jetty unit
Modern jetty.

Module unit, elements, inner forces and perspectives.
jetty unit - elements, detail, forces
fleeing piglet
The Fleeing Piglet tenement house.

Logo symbolizes a piglet jumping over terrain obstacle.
gerydon - front
History of furniture.

Indeed: a nice opportunity to play a bit with immortal gerydon. This time the little caprice meets post-industrial metal sheets. Another excuse to be long-lasting?

Reflections on the floor are the immanent part of the project.
gerydon - view
Solar cells factory.

Perspectives, elevation and construction scheme.
axonometry, perspective
Interior design.

Axonometry, perspective, sections and plan of The Cave/Armoury pub.
section, plan
Concrete shelter.

Sample of industrial environment.
babylon 23 penthouse
Babylon 23 penthouse.

Designed for parties.
Made for fun.
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