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Lower Silesia - coat of arms
rdesigned Lower Silesia - coat of arms.
Amiga PowerPC Replacement of original Amiga boing ball.
Mage (House of Colours)
Airmech (House of Colours)
Ninja (House of Colours)
Reving-Tekan logo (House of Colours)



Reving - tekan

(distincted in House of Colours competition).
Mome - A-Core logo (House of Colours)
Koshegi - Griffon logo (House of Colours)
Aeon - Ragmire logo (House of Colours)
Mome - A-Core

Koshegi - Griffon

Aeon - Ragmire

(distincted in House of Colours competition).
Manior. Maniorgia. MD.
Manior logo. Exclusively for Mariusz Dzieweczyński.

Also excellent centered wallpaper.
Polski Program Kosmiczny (Polish Space Programme)
Polish Space Programme.
biketech [r]
biketech [gtr]
biketech [ex]
biketech racer

biketech gran turismo

biketech experimental

Warbirds logo.
Loaf of Brain
Loaf of Brain logo for Soohy's (/Loaf of Brain^Interror) music disk.

Sexy. If you only like loafs. Of brain.
icon library
128 minimal icons.

Want some more?
Galeria Legnicka Galeria Legnicka.

Logo for the commercial centre.
Surgeon Regular Surgeon

True type font (V0.9.76).
Decepticon table.
Wooden throne
Standard material throne.
Titus stormag
Titus stormag.

Urban assault weapon. Do You remember its birth, Tytus? Thanks.
Angren, fulcrum and other comming soon!
ATX case
ATX case for Pegasos™ PowerPC®© personal computer.
Boukèphalos lamp.
No 1...
Creative support for every idea...
and experience.
...and reality.
Architecture/space planning and visualisation works.

Games. Hardcore.
rdesign. we are the quoted ones.
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