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pixel work
Highest quality product available in every desired graphic mode: from black and white to true color with multi-level transparency. From raw pixelwork to advanced image processing: always for unique final effect.

On the left: samples of indexed-color graphics (1-8bit (2-256 colors))
Below (click on thumbnails): over 120 icons of items taken from role-playing game Thalimar and inventory/shop menus.
Fantasy items Fantasy menus
68020 (Winamp skin) 28,2KB Hind-D (Winamp skin) 23,3KB
Providing any requested style (including lame "glow" effect;): fantasy, cyberpunk or high-tech... From mimimalism to baroque.

On the left: classic Winamp (2.xx) skins. Download it and try!
Ion (Winamp skin) 17,2KB Stronghold (Winamp skin) 57,2KB
Angren Thoron (Winamp3 skin)
Winamp3 skin screenshot.
Graphic user interface
Experience in creating intuitive, flexible and compact graphic user interfaces for specified hardware/software environment.

On the left: graphic syntesis of one of the numerous interface studies.
3D high/low poly models
Complete support for high quality 3D high/low poygon models, textures and animation.
3D scenes and animation
Complete support for high quality 3D scenes, animation and advanced rendering effects.
No 1...
Creative support for every idea...
and experience.
...and reality.
Understanding, knowledge and skills in using the newest and the most traditional techniques as well.

On the left: samples of hand-drawn sketches.
Below (click on thumbnails): Pulse rifle and its negative "wallpaper" version.
pulse rifle
Architecture/space planning and visualisation works.

Complete design support for objects, typography, logos and more.
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